At the national company Euro Home Bulgaria (European home in Bulgaria), which specializes in the area of complex services regarding real estate and property, we are dedicated to help you find the ideal rental property. We believe that renting a property is no reason to accept anything less than perfect and it is no surprise that most of our tenants usually renew and extend their contracts.

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Euro Home Bulgaria is a trademark of the Bulgarian market in all areas of commercial real estate and property deals, as well as actions regarding construction work with a registry number of our brand 95436 from 29.11.2016 by the Patent Office of Bulgaria.

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If you are looking to rent a property, we have wide variety of rooms, apartments, houses, office and business estates, as well as other rental properties.

In addition to that, if you have any special requirements including international renting, short-term leases or require accommodation for a sports event, holiday or a business meeting, we will be your loyal and proven partner.

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With our long experience and accumulated knowledge in the field of real estate and property we pay close attention to the details and pitfalls which will prevent you hours of Internet search, numerous phone calls, missed inspections and offers of non-professionals in the sector to whom the financial results highly outweigh you needs.

Trust our professionalism!

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We adhere to our motto: We can achieve more together!


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