Are you happy with your current job?!

Do you believe in your commercial qualities?

Do you possess the ambition of achieving more?       

Do you want to develop a long-term, prestigious and highly profitable career?

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If you answered with “Yes” to all four of these questions, then the following rows are for you to read.

The real estate market in Bulgaria is in its final stage of organization and regulation. Even though the free property market in the country soon turned thirty years, the landscape is still highly dynamic, creating excellent conditions and prerequisites for career development at its highest levels.

Euro Home Bulgaria Company quickly established itself as a leader in the field of real estate and property in Northeast Bulgaria because we count on our team. We believe that in keeping track of and following the basic principles lies the key to success, also hidden in our motto: Together we will achieve more!

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A career in real estate and property enables us to meet a wide range of people, local or foreign, which requires performing many different tasks and fulfilling our responsibilities. In the long run, we stand behind our values and principles because behind every single one of our clients lie concerns, needs and requirements that have the power to change their whole perspective, the personal and social life of not only the individual itself, but those of whole families, communities or companies. We fully understand that the activity which we are professionally engaged in could be one of the most important decisions in our client’s life. That is why our employees never stop training and learning. As a company committed to professional development, we focus our time and energy on improving our work environment and our knowledgeable team of agents, on finding the best practices on how to get the most out of our available houses, carrying out marketing campaigns on a national and international level, negotiating and protect our clients’ interests to the best of our ability.

In that regard, those who wish to build a career in the real estate and property sector need to be broad-minded people with diverse interests and a strong sense of honesty and responsibility. The career of a successful consultant will be very satisfying for those who have the ability to make important decisions and are willing to invest their time and efforts in improving themselves. Developing the skills required for success and capability is something that is accumulated through hard work, dedication and experience – something that we will work on and build up together.

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Even though the profession gives us the chance to experience exciting and positive moments and to have an income above the national average, we should not overlook the fact that everything we work on requires very strong motivation, dedication and above all – a desire to achieve success. This is the only clear way to build a long-lasting, prestigious and lucrative profession.

All aboard the roller coaster – Yes, that’s right! To all passengers: Please, take your seats and fasten your seat belts! We are taking off… to the worst and most difficult road of all – the road to the TOP!

Dear future colleagues, if you are reading this sentence, then you possess four key qualities that we seek in every new member of our team, namely:

  1. 1.A sense of humor;
  2. 2.A thirst for success;
  3. 3.A passion for challenges;
  4. 4.A desire to earn a lot of money!

And remember: “Nothing personal, it’s just business!”

Due to the inability to maintain and tend to our entire customer base, we are looking for local and foreign individuals to become part of our team, namely:

  • a specialist “real estate consultant” with a minimum of two years of experience in the sector;
  • a consultant - sales department and a consultant – rental department for the city of Varna – for people starting their career development;
  • a consultant – sales department for the city of Dolni Chiflik

Those who wish to apply must send a CV and a COVER LETTER at or contact our representative for more information at 052 58 90 58 (0890 58 90 58)
The provided data is personal and all applications will be reviewed in strict confidence.
Scheduled meetings will be held with the selected candidates.

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We adhere to our motto: We can achieve more together!


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