A national company that specializes in the area of real estate and property, Euro Home Bulgaria (European home in Bulgaria) will make your participation in the property market a positive and interesting experience. Through our website we will provide you with useful and reliable information so that you look through, choose from, compare and inform yourself of the current bargains and trends of the real estate market and its development. As a professional real estate and property agent in Northeast Bulgaria, we will offer you the best local practice and expert advice, tailored to your requirements.

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Euro Home Bulgaria is a trademark of the Bulgarian market in all areas of commercial real estate and property deals, as well as actions regarding construction work with a registry number of our brand 95436 from 29.11.2016 by the Patent Office of Bulgaria.

We know that our clients rarely enter the property market during their life time to make a real estate purchase. With a clear conscience we understand that behind such decisions stand specific needs and dreams of people, families and companies. That is why we will stand right next to you throughout the whole process of buying a property. Together, with you and our proven partners, in a team, we will achieve maximum results in your goals of optimal safety in a pleasant environment. We follow our motto: Together we will achieve more! – Alongside you.

When you observe the clouds, the rain, the mountains, the sea or any other remarkable landscape in Northeast Bulgaria and dream of having a home, starting your own business or achieving your dreams in the region – contact us! We know from experience how different people understand their needs and the meaning behind the concept of a real estate property – a home, an office, a commercial area, a warehouse or production region, land or even a small, lovely cottage on the lake with a view of the mountains. Let us dream, that is the only way humanity progresses. And while there is humanity, there will be real estate deals.

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What to do when you get the idea of buying a property?

First thing you have to do is contact us. This way you will get free professional advice and together we will draw up a plan of the stages required to strike a bargain with you. This can be done through our online inquiry form, a personal visit to any of our offices, a phone call, e-mail or via social media. Our team is experienced, highly qualified and a daily and active participant in the market which is an excellent prerequisite to make a successful real estate purchase at the most optimal price. We know that every client has their individual preferences, needs and requirements. When you contact us and share your expectations with us, we will take the responsibility of appointing a personal consultant for you. This way you will receive individual treatment and at any given moment you will know that there is someone who cares about the fulfillment of your dreams and that there is someone who you can count on. We know out of experience that the most important thing for every buyer is the provision of funding for their ideas.

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More than 60% of real estate purchases are concluded with a loan capital from a lender. This should not bother you as we will direct you to major banks with great experience and proven practices for a free consultation and will help you get optimal conditions for the best possible price. Proof of it are our numerous clients that have already benefitted from that great opportunity. We recommend that you trust our team and our consultant, so that we can deeply evaluate and achieve your goals in the current real estate market and thus save you a lot of nerves, time and money. Our rights and obligations will be shaped in a contract which will also be a token of our mutual respect and serious intentions. What you may not know is that the honor of demanding falls upon your shoulders and we are here to satisfy all your needs.

Trust our professionalism!

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We adhere to our motto: We can achieve more together!


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