The Euro Home Bulgaria Company (European Home in Bulgaria) rapidly established itself as the market leader and a reliable partner in the real estate and property sector not only in the city of Varna but throughout the whole Northeastern region in Bulgaria. We strive to offer our customers a complete package of services concerning sales, rentals, mortgages and insurance, so that we satisfy all their needs. We believe that the access to the most recent and optimum information is definitely a big factor in our decision making skills. Nowadays, consumers are in need of a trusted source of information that can separate a signal from a noise and help them move along the complex path that is real estate business. With our extensive knowledge in every aspect of the field, fueled by research and customer insights, we have become a reliable source of information and education.

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Euro Home Bulgaria is a trademark of the Bulgarian market in all areas of commercial real estate and property deals, as well as actions regarding construction work with a registry number of our brand 95436 from 29.11.2016.

Our current spot in the market relies heavily on our young but professionally prepared and highly motivated team, as well as their excellent knowledge of modern technology which gives us the opportunity to be active participants in the sector on a daily basis. With a strong sense of integrity and honesty, we have managed to surround ourselves with reliable partners with whom we prove to every single one of our clients that we primarily stand by our prestigious name and the people behind it.

Over the years, we gained experience not only as professionals that have seen thousands of bedrooms, basements or bathrooms, overpriced properties, indecorous customers, “street brokers”, etc. but also realized the essential things that lie behind all that – human needs and destinies. We understood what is most important – we work with people, not with property.

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Let us assume you trust us, we will:

  • -conform to your tiniest needs and concerns;
  • -spend our Saturday afternoon or weekday evening with you and be of your help at all times;
  • -shape and create your desired conditions for maximum results;
  • -organize the realization of your dreams.


We adhere to our motto: We can achieve more together!


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